Dynaplug Ultralite tubeless tyre puncture repair kit for motorcycle and cars Aluminum


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Product Features

  • Low Insertion Force - The shape and size of the tip allows for easy penetration of most punctures. Where more than one plug is used, the additional plugs are even easier to insert because the first plug lubricates the hole
  • No Reaming of the Puncture Hole - Because of the low insertion force, it is not necessary to enlarge a puncture hole by reaming. This eliminates the need for a second tool and prevents further damage to the tyre
  • No Glue Required - After use, tubes of glue dry out in a short time and when you need it again it's not there. Because Dynaplug® retains its sealing ability indefinitely both during storage and in the tyre, no glue is required
  • Long Lasting Puncture Repair - Viscous rubber of the plug will flow slightly after the plug is in place. This fills small fissures or voids that radiate from the puncture hole into the casing and ensures a long lasting repair

Product Description

NEW Dynaplug® Ultralite Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit specially for motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes and ATVs. Kit contains: 1 x Dynaplug® Ultralite tool, 2 x tyre repair plugs, 1 x insertion tube, 1 x Tube Cleaner. The Dynaplug® Carbon Ultralite is Dynaplug's new entry level tyre repair tool. The tool body is made from fibreglass impregnated Nylon and the insertion tube from hardened 305 grade stainless steel, making it extremely strong but very light at only 35 grams. The insertion tube, pipe cleaner and spare plugs can be stored in the handle, which seals with a black silicone end cap. The Ultralite is designed for repairing punctures in tubeless tyres with a maximum tyre thickness of 30 mm (1-1/8") and a minimum thickness of 5 mm (3/16") at the point of the puncture. Easy-to-use, neat and clean. No need for reamers, messy glues or solvents. Dynaplug puncture repair tools are made in the USA.