Motobatt 12V Pocket Voltmeter Battery Tester


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Motobatt 12V Pocket Voltmeter Motorcycle Scooter Battery Tester

The Motobatt Pocket Voltmeter is the perfect tool for every parts counter or consumer's pocket.

Simple to use probes make testing a battery or charging system simple by remote testing via vehicle mounted charging leads or directly on battery terminals with a simple to read panel on the front.

Test Range Battery Voltage:

25% - 9.8 to 12.0V

50% - 12.0V to 12.4V

75% - 12.4V - 12.6V

100% 12.6 - 13.8V

Testing charging Voltage:

Good - 13.8V to 14.7V

Bad - 14.7V - up

Comes with a 1 Year warranty