Scottoiler Vsystem chain lubricator


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The Scottoiler vSystem is the latest edition of the market-leading range of vacuum-operated Scottoiler chain lubrication systems. The kit gives a range of approximately 400 - 800 miles between refills of the RMV (Reservoir Metering Valve), depending on the flow setting. The kit has a range of fittings suitable for most bikes, (non standard adapters are available FOC from Scottoiler), and includes a 250ml bottle of Scottoil, which should be enough for approximately 2500 miles of lubrication.




·     Motorbike Chain Oiler System From Scottoiler

·     What does the vSystem motorbike chain lube system do?

·     Increases the life of your motorbike chain & sprockets by up to 7 times

·     Improves performance

·     Significantly reduces motorbike chain maintenance

·     Saves you time, money and hassle

·     Vacuum-operated chain lubrication system

·     Range of fittings suitable for most bikes

·     400 - 800 miles between refills

·     250ml bottle of Scottoil included

·     2500 miles of lubrication