MBTZ10S Motobatt Battery Fully Sealed


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Motobatt Quadflex Motorcycle battery is the top choice if you're looking for a ready charged ready to go install, there battery range is currently the only range available to include 4-post motorcycle batteries.

All batteries are factory activated, pre-conditioned and fully charged, additionally you never have to mess with acid or charge the battery before fitting.

Each plate in the battery is wrapped in fibrous glass matting which not only absorbs all liquid electrolytes but keeps the plates separated in a cushioned environment. This stops the plates from vibrating which can breakdown the plate and cause short circuits between the plates or break plate welds which result in battery failure.

Most Quadflex batteries have 4 terminals (2+ and 2-) and when necessary include spacers and height adjusters allowing fitments to several different models, replacing numerous conventional style batteries.

  • Absorbed Glass Matt Design
  • Factory activated and read to go
  • Sealed and maintenance free
  • Improved cranking power for easier starting
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Brass terminals for superior conductivity