Top 10 Fastest Motorcycles in the World

By Amelie J Rose 

February 13th, 2018


Ever since 2010, when BMW broke the worldwide manufacturers’ agreement that limited motorcycle speeds to 186 mph, bikes have been getting faster and faster. Now, in 2018, there’s everything to play for, with new top speeds being reached all the time. So if you’ve got a need for speed and money to burn, check out our run down of the current top 10 fastest bikes in the world!

10. Aprilia RSV4 RF

Top speed: 185 mph

Power: 201 hp

Price: £21,000

Launched in 2017, this model is 650 grams lighter and over a second faster per lap than its predecessor, which won the World Superbike Championship a total of five times! It features new Brembo brakes and Ohlins suspension, plus a bunch of the latest tech, including a colour TFT dash and race data sent to your mobile.

9. Yamaha YZF-R1M

Top speed: 186 mph

Power 200 hp

Price: £19,799

Newly restyled in carbon, the YZF-R1M is Yamaha’s most advanced bike yet. It’s powered by a 998cc 4-cylinder engine, and features Ohlins electronic racing suspension for improved handling. Electronically limited at 186 mph, it can manage 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds.

8. Suzuki Hayabusa

Top speed: 194 mph

Power: 197 hp

Price: £11,599

Unbelievably cheap, this agile bike has become iconic since its launch in 1999, at which time it was the world’s fastest production motorcycle. It has progressively evolved since then, and will still give the world’s most elite performance bikes a run for their money!

7. MV Agusta F4 RR

Top speed: 194 mph

Power: 201 hp

Price: £21,990

Officially this bike only does 185 mph – but a previous version registered 194 mph in the 2000s, so whatever the newest model is capable of, it’s definitely at least as fast as that! It’s packed with features which enable you to customise the ride – you can adjust the torque, braking, throttle sensitivity and engine response to suit your tastes and circumstances.

6. Ducati Panigale 1199 R

Top speed: 202 mph

Power: 202 hp

Price: £19,450 approx

Launched in 2013, this was a lighter and more powerful bike altogether than the standard Panigale 1199, featuring a carbon body and titanium connecting rods. Achieving 0-60 mph in just 2,8 seconds, this high-performance machine could hit a top speed of 202 mph – but only with a track-only exhaust, according to Ducati. The 1199 range ceased production in 2014 – but it still holds firm at number 6 on our list!

5. Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R

Top speed: 208 mph

Power: 200 hp

Price: Not available in the UK

Its predecessors enjoyed multiple wins at the Superbike World Championship, and even set the Australian land speed record in 2013! The new model is even more powerful, with a four-cylinder 1441cc engine that puts it at the top of its class. Sadly, Kawasaki has no plans to release it in the UK – but you can pick one up in the United States for $14,999 (£10,835) – a bargain at the price!

4. BMW S1000 RR HP4

Top speed: 217 mph

Power: 199 hp

Price: £15,700 approx

Although it ceased production in 2014, the BMW S1000 RR HP4 is still a legend in the world of fast bikes, Light and agile with a hugely impressive acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 2,6 seconds, it features forged alloy wheels, an Akraporic Titanium exhaust, and Sachs semi-active suspension.

3. Lightning LS-218

Top speed: 218 mph

Power: 200 hp

Price: Not available in the UK

This groundbreaking bike is the fastest electric bike in the world, and one of the fastest road bikes altogether. Its liquid-cooled 150kW electric motor pushes out some serious power, and the bike can travel 0-60 mph in 2 seconds flat! It isn’t currently available in the UK, but in its home country, the USA, it retails for $38,888 (£28,099).

2. MTT Turbine Y2K Superbike

Top speed: 227 mph

Power: 320 hp

Price: £100,000 approx

The MTT Turbine Y2K Superbike was the first turbine-powered street-legal motorcycle in the world. Produced from 2000-2005, it features a Rolls Royce-Allison turbine engine that could take you from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Made individually to order by MTT, the Y2K received the Guinness World Record for the most expensive production motorcycle ever! No wonder – they’re extremely rare, and come with a six-figure price tag!

1. Kawasaki Ninja H2R


Top speed: 249 mph

Power: 310 hp

Price: £41,000

Here it is, the fastest production motorcycle in the world – the Kawasaki Ninja H2R. Legal only for track, this extraordinary bike has an aerodynamically shaped carbon fibre body and a supercharged engine, along with a whole host of the latest performance tech. With a top speed of 249 mph, it really is unbeatable! Even better news, there is a road-legal version available on the UK market too – the only slightly less powerful Ninja H2.

Whatever you’re riding, have fun and stay safe on the road – and don’t forget MPS is here for you whenever you need spares, accessories or advice to keep your bike running as it should.

Amelie J Rose is a freelance writer, editor and author. You can contact her here.