Buff, the original multifunctional headwear. When Juan Rojas, a keen off-road motorcyclist from Spain realised there was a need for a multifunctional garment that could be worn on and around his head while out riding in any and all conditions, he set about creating functional headwear that could be worn in all manner of ways. Experimenting with different designs and processes, Juan eventually found a high performance microfibre that was breathable, moisture wicking and wind resistant. In 1998, Buff entered a team into the Eco-Challenge adventure race and by the end of the event most of the participants had either requested or were wearing an original Buff. Buff headwear has since become popular with millions of outdoor enthusiasts who benefit from its versatility. The garment has multiple uses and can be worn as a scarf, bandana, headband, hat, facemask or wristband. Put simply, Buff headwear is uniquely versatile, designed to achieve a high level of comfort and protection from the elements.