Goldfren Disc Brake Pads

GOLDFREN is a brand of brakes and brake components manufactured in the Czech Republic. We produce sintered brake pads, brake linings, clutch and clutch segments, brake hoses and tubing, brake discs, brake calipers and brake valves on both bikes, as well as other components for braking and the brakes not only for motorcycles and ATVs, but also other means of transport such as for cars, racing cars, go-karts, MTB, aircraft, UL - ultralights and cranes and industrial machinery. This year, the production was extended also aluminum wheels for aircraft as nose wheels and main undercarriage wheels with brake. We also offer a wide range of accessories and spare parts for our products and brakes. The brakes also offer complete sets and kits. Our products are environmentally friendly. We offer high quality at reasonable prices.