Motobatt Lithium Battery MPLZ10S-HP Fully Sealed CTZ10S & CTX7ABS(8) C


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Motobatt Lithium Battery MPLZ10S-HP Fully Sealed CTZ10S & CTX7ABS(8) C


  • Motobatt Lithium batteries are around 3 times lighter than lead acid batteries
  • Designed to produce higher cranking performance for competition environments
  • Strong Starting Current, Reliable repeated start opportunities over a wide variety of conditions
  • Very Low “self-discharge” while in storage
  • Fast Recharge time, 6 minutes for up to 90% charge


Cell Balancing Circuit (CBC)

This is a key feature of Motobatt Lithium batteries over competition. Dynamic cell balancing provides the ultimate in cell control giving superior performance, life span and safety.


Each Motobatt Lithium battery contains a unique CBC which controls the charge and discharge of the cells at all times, especially when currents can be unreliable when in actual use on the machine. Many competitors require you to buy their specific charger at a high cost because the CBC is in the charger, not the battery itself. This is inferior cell control since the only time the cells are properly controlled and balanced is when connected to a wall socket.


Protection Circuit Board (PCB)

Motobatt has developed the safest Lithium battery on the market today. Designed to reduce the threat of thermal runaway, premature battery failure, and unnecessary consumer warranty.


Special Features

  • Over charge Protection: Prevents the machine, charger or consumer applying damaging voltages to the battery.
  • Over discharger Protection: Prevents the machine or consumer draining the battery to failure point by parasitic drain or battery application incompatibility. At 8V battery will shut down to protect the cells from being discharged to failure. Simply recharge to full voltage and use again!
  • Reverse Polarity Protected: A common cause of warranty when battery is short circuited on install
  • Prevents damages by non: Lithium chargers using de-sulphating mode or boost mode
  • Thermal Protection: Built in temperature sensor activates shut down process before the battery can overheat
  • Note competitor batteries or standard P series Lithium Batteries may not recover from being drawn down under 8V. This is the leading cause of nuisance warranty for Lithium batteries.


Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries are a high performance racing battery designed to produce high cranking currents for short burst periods. Lithium starting batteries generally lack Amp Hour capacity and are not suitable for applications where high power loads are placed on the battery. Stereo systems, Grip and clothing heaters, winches, light bars etc. all draw excess loads and lithium starting batteries are not designed to cope with these loads. Always thoroughly assess the power requirements of your machine with all loads on with an experienced technician before making a decision to use a Lithium battery.

Replaces Yuasa YTX7A-BS, YTZ10S
  • Voltage
13.2V CCA: 280
  • Capacity (1C Rate)
  • Weight:
0.88kg / 1.94Ibs
  • Dimensions (in / mm)
L: 5.94(151) W: 3.43(87) H: 3.74(95)