Scooter Engine Oil 10W 40 4-STROKE 1L MOTUL MINERAL Oil 2% Reduction in Fuel Use


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MOTUL SCOOTER 4T 10W40 MB is a 4-stroke mineral rolling motor oil.

For scooters in standard use, where the manufacturer recommends the use of a mineral roller oil with viscosity SAE 10W-40 in combination with JASO MB.


JASO (Japanese Automobile Standards Organization) has developed the JASO T 903 its own standard for 4-stroke motorcycle engine oils. The graduations MA, MA1 and MA2 facilitate the selection of motorcycle engine oils which have been specially developed for wet couplings. JASO MB stands for a fuel consumption reduced by 2%, compared to a motor oil with viscosity 10W40 and JASO MA due to particularly low friction losses under all operating conditions.



Light-running viscosity allows particularly rapid oiling during cold start, saves fuel and protects the starter and battery from premature wear.

Excellent anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties

Optimized content of sulfur and phosphorus ensures the long-term function of catalysts.

Low evaporation loss reduces oil consumption.

Perfect wear protection even under harsh operating conditions, eg stop & go traffic.

Specially adapted filling snorkel for comfortable and leak-free filling even with very small oil filling openings.



Interchange interval according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer or adapted depending on the operating conditions. Before use, be sure to follow the manufacturer's service instructions and recommendations!


CAUTION: Do not use in vehicles when the manufacturer prescribes an oil with JASO MA release.