ATE Plastilube Brake Pad, Disc, Drum, Chain, Bearing Anti Squeal Paste (75ml)


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Highly load-bearing permanent lubricant for versatile use: eg squeaking of disc and drum brakes, door catcher belts, seat rails, hinges, sliding roof guides, bearings, chains, gear wheels and battery poles. ABS suitable.


ATE Plastilube is an indispensable lubricant for brake repair. The special lubricant prevents the rusting of the brake pads in the brake caliper guides and the formation of brake squeal. For this purpose, all the guide surfaces on the brake caliper and the back plate of the brake pads must be coated with ATE Plastilube before mounting the brake.


- ATE Plastilube is metal-free and ideally suited for use on aluminum brake calipers.

- High temperature resistance

- Excellent corrosion protection

- Long-term stable, therefore reduced maintenance frequency

- Water insoluble, excellent leaching resistance

- Versatile application

- Compatible with all metals and most O-ring materials



- Brake pads must not be coated with ATE Plastilube!


Contents: 75 ml tube