Suzuki GSXR 600 1997-2000 motorcycle JT 520Z3/108 open chain with rivet link


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Motorcycle JT 520Z3/108 Open chain with rivet link

Feature 1: JT drive chains type Z3
  • Advanced technology using special steel alloys of the highest quality.
  • Lighter weight with maximum tensile strength.
  • Extra strong X ring chain open with Rivet
  • X Ring sealed chains offer significantly better protection against premature wear
  • 4- specialist squeezed chain bolts for extra strong hold against lateral forces on the outer flap
  • Stable bearing collar for mold resistance under permanent shock
  • Brand: JT
    Colour: Black (Grey Metal)
    Manufacturer: JT
    Links: 108
  • Rivet Link Included
  • This may not be the standard size chain for your bike, please check the pitch of this chain (420/428/520/525/530 etc) with that of your old chain before purchasing. The pitch of a chain is normally engraved on the face of the link or the sprocket.
    Pitch: 520
    Tensile Strength: 4,240 Kg
    Type: Z3